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Theatre on Ice is a team sport that combines the athleticism of figure skating with the artistry of theatre.

Each summer, teams compete at the National Theatre on Ice competition in two programs: the Choreographic Exercise (CE) and the Free Skate. Theatre on Ice uses all aspects of figure skating to incorporate a theme, emotion, or a story enhanced by music.

Terms you might hear and what they mean:


Theatre on Ice


Choreographic Exercise.

The CE must include a theme, choreographic process, and gesture. This year’s theme for the CE is poetry. Programs must demonstrate contrast and amplitude variation.

Free Skate:

The purpose of the free skate is to express a theme, emotion, or story. This is where the skaters can use props and costumes to help express their story, theme, or emotion.



Theatre on Ice Levels:








Adaptive Skating

Special Olympics

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Showcase fuses figure skating with artistic creativity with the use of props, elaborate costumes and theatrical performance.

Most of the solo & duet performances you are watching today are showcases from skaters representing the Birmingham Figure Skating Club and skaters across the state of Alabama.

To learn more about Showcase, please visit 

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Online Program Created by Anna Blankenship

The Ice Gala is presented by Magic City Theatre on Ice, a 501c3 for charitable and educational purposes to function as an amateur athletic association to foster competition and participation in figure skating, specifically theatre on ice.

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