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Meet Our Coaches

All Magic City Theatre on Ice coaches have US Figure Skating and Professional Skaters Association memberships. Our coaches are all Safe Sport certified and have liability insurance through USFS or PSA. 

Molecules Bio

Michelle Cox

Michelle has passed her Junior Moves in the Field, Juvenile Freeskate, and Pre-Silver Dances.  She is a synchronized skating Canadian National Silver Medalist.  Michelle has PSA ratings in Synchronized Team, Moves in the Field, and Group.

Anita Saxena

Anita is a USFS Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field and Ice Dance, International Silver Samba, International Rhumba, and International Tea Time Fox Trot. She has also passed Junior Free Dance and Novice Free Skate. She is a National Showcase medalist, Theatre on Ice National Champion in the Open & Adult Division, and also a Nation's Cup Bronze Medalist. Anita has PSA Ratings in Master Group, Certified Freestyle, and Senior Moves in the Field. 


Danny Tate

Danny is a USFS Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field, Free Skate, and Dance. He has his Junior Free Dance and Junior Pair tests. Danny has PSA Ratings in Master Free Skating, Moves in the Field, Group, Program Director, Senior Pair, Certified Dance. He also holds a Level 5 PSA Ranking. 

Amy Herndon

Amy Herndon has passed her Novice Moves in the Field, Intermediate Free Skate, Pre-Silver Dances, and Novice Free Dance. She is a 3 time Theatre on Ice National Champion in the Open Division and has also competed at National Showcase. 

Image by Paul Green

Michelle and Piercyn Hunt, of Harmony Theatre Company, also work with our teams. We are so grateful for their support!

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